At Tidal Capital Advisory Services, we welcome the opportunity to partner with different business enterprises and individuals to help meet your clients’ capital objectives.


We specialize in the lending, credit underwriting and loan resolution process while providing Treasury & Finance and CFO services.  In other words, we partner with you to maintain and cultivate your clients’ objectives and establish a mutually beneficial relationship.


Examples of referral partners who have found our services helpful:


  • Banks: When the request doesn’t quite fit your credit culture, but you want to maintain the relationship, we can help.
  • Loan Brokers: We will protect you and pay the agreed referral fee.
  • CPA’s: We can assist you with adding value above and beyond the traditional scope of the CPA relationship, improve your clients’ cash flow, assist with tax planning, and properly allocate liabilities.
  • Commercial Real Estate Brokers: If we indicate financing can be provided, we will deliver.  You will receive your commission because we will close the loan. Unforeseen challenges can come into the equation, but with Tidal Capital Advisory Services, we focus on clear and timely communication to ensure all parties are current and informed.
  • Attorneys: Whether it is pressure from the current institution on property needing to be refinanced, funding falling through at the closing table, estate planning, or even divorce, we can help.
  • P&C / Health Insurance Advisors: Matching capital and Treasury & Finance services to best protect your clients.


Our continued success relies on referrals and we believe in being a continuation of our referral partners’ reputation. We treat each referral partner as part of our team.  Once a referral is received, that request continues to include the referral source and the team approach is incorporated by all partners involved. Additionally, we view our relationships to include our referral sources as well as our borrowers.


Interested in learning more? Please contact us to discuss your needs.