In a collaborative effort with you, Tidal Capital Advisory Services leverages its C-Suite experience in Treasury/Finance, Capital Formation, Commercial Credit underwriting, and the Loan Life cycle to facilitate the best solution for the following services:

Chief Financial Officer –

  • Forwarding looking financial statement projections with performance based metrics
  • Financial Statement presentation and measurements
  • Revenue specific profitability, expense allocation and efficiency
  • Stakeholder/Owner valuation
  • Real estate NOI calculation and Cap Rate application for valuation determination


Capital / Commercial Credit Underwriting –

  • Initial Needs Analysis & Evaluation
  • Documentation & Information Gathering
  • Underwriting
  • Closing
  • Ongoing Servicing


Commercial Conventional and CMBS Loans

Having in-depth knowledge of commercial lending, we are able to evaluate multiple commitments and assist in the determination of the best terms and conditions for you. Negotiable terms and conditions include – Interest Accrual Rate (Index, Fixed, Variable), Commitment/Origination Fee, Owner Guaranty, Length of Call/Balloon provision, Term of Amortization, Loan to Value.

Treasury and Finance

Revenue specific profitability, ROE determination and enhancement recommendations, Shareholder valuation determination and analysis.  Services include budget modeling to report historical performance and generate metric driven pro-forma statements. Asset-Liability and Investment policy information collection, data import and management of policy directives through Bank/Entity specific reporting tools.

Loan Resolution

Detailed credit examination to include project specific and global cash flow analysis, debt structure, collateral valuation review, loan impairment and creditworthiness. We provide a comprehensive understanding and implementation of Reg 365 requirements and impact of ASC 310-10 (formerly FAS 114).

Small Business Administration Loans (SBA 7a and 504)

The SBA loan process can be overwhelming and onerous, but we will navigate all the obstacles for you. Key benefits of the SBA 7a loan include amortization and terms up to 25 years, no balloon or call provisions, greater loan to value percentages than conventional commercial bank guidelines, and lower debt service coverage ratios.

USDA (B & I and Agricultural Loans)

Similar to SBA, USDA is a government guaranteed loan program that provides capital through client borrowing. Census information determines eligibility, and loan funding for investment real estate is available. We coordinate with the CDC. This government guarantee loan program is another option to provide capital to borrowers. Like the SBA programs, it involves expertise and skill to navigate, but also allows for acquisition and refinancing of investment real estate.